Basic Photography Course: $75.00

This class is focused on sound basic photography skills. we will explore depth-of-field, white balance, shutter speed, camera stabilization, composition, and much much more. This is the class to take if you are just getting started with photography or are a beginner that has not managed to get the camera off Auto mode. You will study how a camera measures light, and how to control it, as well as various methods to control the focusing system of your camera. I will address issues with point and shoot cameras as well as SLR’s Bring your camera and be prepared to learn more than you thought possible in a day. For any age and skill level. (Class size limited to 8 students.)

Off-Camera Flash Workshop: $50.00

This program focuses on off-camera flash in a variety of setups. Four hands-on stations will be set up:

  • Cable-tethered off-camera flash and effective bounce skills
  • Infrared controls built into your flash systems and multiple flashes along with ETTL controls
  • Radio controlled off-camera flash and high-speed sync with radio controls. Including the new Odin system by Phottix
  • Phottix Lights in a multiple-light set-up and radio controls through the new Odin controller

The class will discuss and demonstrate techniques to balance your ambient light and flash source lights on subjects. We will discuss the advantages of radio controls over infrared and why and you may be having trouble with outdoor shoots and balancing your lights.

Bring your cameras and flashes to this hands-on learning experience. After a short lecture and demonstration at each station, you will be shooting and learning. This is one not to miss!

Photoshop Basic Class: $125.00

Photoshop classes are designed to take you well beyond image adjustment and simple color correction well into the more advanced design elements and functionality of Photoshop. You will learn advanced masking techniques and the ultimate control over your images with levels and curves. This course will progress you rapidly and logically to an advanced Photoshop user. Bring a laptop computer with Photoshop CS6 or CC to the class so that you can work along on each project. (Class size limited to 3 students.)

Photoshop Advanced Portraiture Touch-up: $125.00

This class will focus on advanced skills needed for pro level portraiture touch up. You must come to the class equipped with a solid understanding of layers, masks, and brushes. You will learn skin touch up and softening techniques, eye makeup including but not limited to color and eye enhancement. Mascara and blush, as well as eyelash construction and enhancing, are taught. (Class size limited to 3 students.)

Exploring Lightroom: $125.00

If you are a photographer you simply have to learn to be efficient in Lightroom. A program that was designed from the ground up to used by photographers. This is simply the best solution out there for file management, efficiency and overall control of your images. Yes, Lightroom 4.0 is here and with some great new features. This Lightroom™ class will teach you how to maximize your workflow and create a systematic approach to all your digital imagery. There are systems that have been proven effective to rapidly and succinctly process large project (weddings etc.) shoots into manageable client-based results. We’ll show you the shortcuts and methods that work.