victoria engagement session

Published by Mountain High Photo & Film

raised in buffalo ny, I went to buffalo state college to complete my undergrad. while completing my bachelor’s, I met the love of my life at a local church service! she has been my partner in crime (and photography) ever since. other than being married and a father to two amazing kids, Isaiah & Harlow, I enjoy exploring the world and spending time with those who matter most. not to sound generic, but I really am an explorer by heart. i’m down to hike, bike, fly to the next destination wherever it may be, but if you ask my wife, i am prone to getting lost.. as a photographer, I’m about going against the grain. no cookie cutter shots. it can be hard to live in a world where being different sometimes means “weird,” but weird is good. we need more “weird.” i’m into the idea of standing out! inside & outside of a frame. that is one of the things I value as a photographer. we will work collaboratively to uniquely convey what you want to be remembered. your special day is as important to me as it is to you!

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